arg2 Associates

Senior Level -- Research and Marketing

Joseph S. ANGELL, Managing Partner

  • 30+ years in all facets of marketing research
  • Behavioral sciences oriented
  • Consumer as well as B2B
  • Qualitative, quantitative and observation-based ethnotative® research
  • Past president, Chicago Chapter, American Marketing Association

Jane Koenig, Senior Associate

  • Dual perspectives -- “client-side” and marketing/research consultant
  • Products and service, consumer and B2B, domestic and international
  • Psychology and marketing
  • Associated since mid-80’s as client and early 90’s as Senior Associate

George Sloan, Senior Associate

  • Extensive “hands on” experience -- United States and Great Britain
  • Managed focus group facility -- experience in all facets of qualitative research issues and methodologies
  • Communicates easily with chief executive officers to small business owners, adult consumers to teens
  • Focus on technology issues for consumers and B2B clients
  • Associated for over two decades

Maren Elwood, Senior Associate -- Ethnotative® Research

  • Leading-edge developer of quantitatively-based ethnographic research
  • Associated for over 15 years

Richard Miller, Senior Associate -- Social Media/Tech Sector

  • Focus on consumer and B2B digital strategy and adoption -- including social media
  • Unique manufacturing and distribution-related perspectives
  • Assocaited since late 1980's

Senior Level -- Support Services

JOSH ADLER, Senior PROJECT Associate

  • Interacts with clients and oversees projects from origination through delivery/completion.

Sharon Lowery, Senior Associate -- Field

  • Coordinates and oversees all data collection, facility selection and field quality standards and controls
  • 24/7 field monitoring, recruitment, quota controls
  • Associated since early ‘80’s

Alan Shlau, Senior Associate -- Data Management

  • Data management, coding, tabulation and statistics

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