full-service marketing research organization

  • Headquartered in the Chicago area
  • Nationwide field-service partnerships
  • International client-service capabilities


What sets apart

  • Broad-based, multi-industry expertise
  • Committed senior-level involvement on every project
  • Marketing-driven insights -- not just "numbers"


-- Resourceful

  • Extensive qualitative research experience
  • Broad-based quantitative research capabilities
  • State-of-the-art ethnotative® observational techniques

-- Insightful

  • Objectives-driven project design
  • Marketing-driven analytical skills

-- Responsive

  • Highly experienced, "hands-on" research professionals
  • Attentive implementation, on time and within budget

...established 1943 in Chicago by Bee Angell, one of the early pioneers of the Marketing Research profession

...proud tradition of working with leading product and service marketers across a wide-range of industries

...a dedicated and experienced team, ensuring close coordination of all project details

...senior level professionals offering sound counsel regarding the most efficient and effective research design


Explore current and prospective customer attitudes, opinions and reactions to new as well as established products and services

  • Concept Evaluations
  • Product Testing 
    • CLT's -- Central Location Tests
    • HUT’s -- Home Use Tests
  • NameCR's -- Name Communication and Recall
  • Observations-based ethnotative® insights
  • PackageCR's -- Package Communication and Recall
  • PEM’s-- Price Elasticity Modeling
  • ATU’s -- Awareness, Trial, Usage studies




Global Headquarters:
130 Waukegan Street
Deerfield, IL 60015
V 847.940.8889
F 847.940.0683

E-mail: info@angellrg.com


"Angell Research, here and particularly Joe Adler, and worked with our bank on a number of occasions, providing both market research and consultative services.  Joe is passionate about the business and very detail-oriented.  I would highly recommend their services!"